The Grand Tour with a Grand Lady


The best way to see Historic Charleston is on foot and to forget you have a car.   There is so much to see in one seemingly simple vista that the attentive visitor will not want to miss a single shingle, or bloom, or column, or steeple, or any of the other myriad elements that make Charleston and her gardens a must- stop on any travelers itinerary. Marianne Wichmann is the grand dame of Charleston walking tours, and those who experience her deep knowledge and charm leave the Holy City feeling as if re-connected with an old family member or a cherished friend.

Marianne Wichmann’s walking tour at 9:30 A.M. ends at 11:30 with tea in  her little garden South of Broad.  With her English accent, elegant demeanor, and dramatic presentations of Charleston’s history, she has a devoted following,  many of whom return year after year and with friends in tow, hoping this living treasure of Charleston will live forever.  Your dainty morsel accompanying the tea she serves at tour’s end hits the spot, adding a refreshing end to your two hour walking tour.

The Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour takes you to the heart of the Old Walled City of Charles Towne, the first English colony South of Virginia. This tour occurs only once a day and begins promptly at 9:30 a.m., at 198 King Street, The Kings Courtyard Inn, which is just a short walk from where the tour ends two hours later at Marianne’s Charleston Single House, South of Broad.

Price of the tour is $25 per person. 

Please call and leave a message for a reservation for groups of 2 or more. Limited space available: 843-722-1779

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7 Responses to The Grand Tour with a Grand Lady

  1. Georgia and Bob Allen says:

    My husband and I have gone on Marianne Wichmann’s walking tour 4 times. We have taken friends as well. We love Marianne’s knowledge of history,(her memory is unbelievable) and her wit and her wonderful hospitality. We learn new things on every tour and we consider Marianne a friend. Marianne shares stories of people whom one may not read about in the average history books. As we walk with her through the city, many locals greet her on the way. It is a treat!

  2. Warren Redman-Gress says:

    The first time we went on Mrs. Wichmann’s walking tour, we were here looking for a new home. It seemed that every friend and relation who visited us the first few years went on the tour—often with us in tow. I would routinely warn our guests to be on time and ready for a “brisk” walk that would capture the history and charm of Charleston. I am so looking forward to a tour again—each time the highlights are a bit different and the stories are always delightful; Mrs. Wichmann lives the hospitality and charm for which the city is known. And of course, I’ll wear good shoes. Nothing slows Mrs. Wichmann down (though rumour has it she is now walking at the pace of ordinary people!).

  3. Pamel Boling says:

    My husband, brother, and I enjoyed Ms. Wichmann’s tour very much! She has a vast knowledge of Charleston. The tour is relaxed, informative, and so interesting, not only because of Ms. Wichmann’s knowledge and love of Charleston, but also because she is such a interesting person. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Charleston~especially if you want to learn about the ‘real’ Charleston!

  4. Micah & Connie Paxton says:

    We just finished a week-long vacation in beautiful downtown Charleston. As we planned our trip and saw the many options for tours, we chose the Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour…and definitely made the right choice! From the moment we met Marianne, she captured our heart. Her stories, quotations and knowledge of history made everything come alive. We were enthralled during the whole tour as she shared her love of Charleston, its way of life and its history right up to present day issues that face the city. Throughout the remainder of our stay, we would pass by numerous tours and overhear the guide and were still more than pleased that we toured with Mrs. Wichmann.
    When we have the opportunity to return to Charleston…the Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour will be a given…so much more to learn in such an enjoyable way!
    We highly recommend this tour to anyone who is in search for a tour…it is essential to anyone who wants to gain access to the heartbeat of Charleston. Thank you Marianne, you are delightful!

  5. Martha Ellen Hammond says:

    I have taken many tours of Charleston including the Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour with Marianne Wichmann, who really outdoes herself in telling the history stories of her beloved Charleston. Each time I come, there is usually a person I know who hasn’t toured this area, and I always want to take this person on the Walking Tours that Marianne offers. Marianne doesn’t just do one area of Charleston; she does many various tours that take one back into history and afterwards offers the Southern Hospitality of “Tea” at her residence. She’s delightful! I am glad to have had the privilege of getting to know her through these many years. So, now I”m planning ANOTHER trip to Charleston in which I will be introducing to her two friends who have not ever taken this informative tour. Thank you Marianne Wichmann.

    Martha Ellen Hammond
    Fairburn, Georgia

  6. Martha Ellen Hammond says:

    Marianne Wichmann is indeed a GRAND LADY! Charleston, South Carolina is blessed to have such a person to be able to deliver such excellent walking tours for those who have little knowledge of the history of this fine Southern City. Although I’ve taken tours with Marianne many times, when returning home, I feel as though I”ve seen Charleston afresh through the eyes of a “real” Historian. It’s always a delight to take this tour. I recommend it highly to others as they plan a trip to this Royal City.

    Martha Ellen Hammond

  7. My friends from Texas and I were thrilled and honored to have spent time with Marianne. Her walking tour brought the history of Charleston to life and made its all the more real as she embraced her pride of being a Charlestonian and shared in her vast knowledge of its founding fathers and their history. She truly is a gem and her tour is one not to be missed if you REALLY want to be in-the-know! She is truly a Grand Lady who loves her Grand City!

    Sharon Herrin, Dallas, Texas

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